Featuring: Photobaket and vincescarch

Today we feature our in-house photographer, Vince. You can see his works over at his tumblr account, photobaket(?) (baket means “why” in Filipino) and flickr account, vincescarch.

Vince is the type of guy who brings his camera all around — always there to capture the right moments and memories. He is very devoted to his camera and also to the subjects of his photos. Being an anthropology graduate has helped him perceive the world in a different way than most people. This adds a refreshing perspective and angle to his shots. His photos not only emanate emotional meaning, but also cultural meaning. To say the least, a lot of his works have cultural relevance.

His photos have already appeared in this blog. See Kabilang Buhay and Blood had been spilled in the lands of Tarlac. The header and profile picture for this blog also came from his photo collection.

Here are some of his other photos:

Paglaot (Sailing) (Image via Photobaket)

Untitled (Image via vincescarch)

Trail (Image via vincescarch)

Hulma (Mould) (Image via Photobaket)

 Other than taking pictures, Vince is interested in Visual Anthropology and Development Anthropology.

2 responses to “Featuring: Photobaket and vincescarch

  1. Thanks for the feature, Kert! Your words inspires me to continue taking photos and improve my craft. 🙂

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