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Used to be a Physics Major, but saw the light on my second year and transferred to Anthropology.  I’m primarily interested in Philippine Archaeology, Conflict Anthropology and Gender Studies. Would love to travel and do various ethnography work around the world someday (that is if I get enough money). Aside from pretending to study, I go about the day watching Jdoramas, American/British series and different sorts of films.  In between that, I read fiction. Now I’m a junior lecturer in the university.


Didn’t know what to do with life so wrote “Anthropology” as my first choice of major for it came first on the college application form’s alphabetically arranged list. Still doesn’t. A serious fangirl of many epic people, places, things, events, and whatnots – you just don’t know how much. Will own an island someday and be happy with someone who creates stuff, i.e. paintings, sculptures, and cute ones like me.

Note: Because they’re too busy to write an “About Me”, I will just have to give a description of the other members of this blog.


Vince was very active as a student in the university. He used to be the representative of our department, the Department of Anthropology, to the student council. He was also Chairman of the Anthropology Society AY 2011-2012. He spearheaded many projects for the the students and for the advancement of the department and the organization. Now he works for the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). He is very passionate about social issues and his opinions are always insightful. He is also an exceptional photographer. His interests are Visual Anthropology and Development Anthropology

Patty Sue

Patty Sue is a very reflexive thinker. She is also one of the best  and most sound writers of our batch. No wonder she finished Magna Cumlaude in her Anthropology degree. She is a vehement advocate of women’s rights. Presently, she’s pursuing a degree in Medicine. Oh, and she’s also a huge cat-lover.

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