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Photo Collection: The Lake Sebu Experience Part 2



Photo Collection: The Lake Sebu Experience

Photo Collection: The Field Experience

Survey the beach!!

Future archaeologists? 🙂

Exploring the mangrove area

The Baby Jesus

R and R at the beach

Our last sunrise in the field

Note: Photos in this collection can also be found in my flickr account, alon89.

I decided not to post photos of the archaeology itself as publications and press materials about the site have not been released yet.

Photo Collection: Mountains and Tattoos

First stop, Bontoc

Mind the betel nut you chew

The Sleeping Beauty Inn

The Mountains of Kalinga

Buscalan from afar

A day in the village of Buscalan

A Kalinga House

Whang-Od preparing her tools

The art of tattooing

The Eye


Note: These photos can also be found in my flickr account, alon89

Of macaques and other things: a photo collection of the trip to New Israel

By Kert


They’re not bombing Palestine, I swear!


The macaque outpost. “Go away, dog.”


Om Nom Nom Nom


Fallen disciples


Our vantage point


The dog we made friends with. He’s really smart. I think I’ll call him Kevin.

Note: All of these photos can be found in my flickr account, alon89