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Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise

(Image via Comixology)

Strangers in Paradise is a comic book written and drawn by Terry Moore. It’s a story about two best friends — Francine and Katchoo — their lives, their relationships and their love for each other.

What’s interesting about the story is the characters. Both Francine and Katchoo defy the gender norms usually attached in comic book female characters. Both women are given the chance to portray strong wills and strong voices. It’s a far cry from the female trope embedded in comic books, that is a female character who is treated like a second-rate person and always needs to be saved by the hunky male lead.

Francine and Katchoo live ordinary lives. They have the same fears and joys as you and me. But they are also heroes in their own right. They inspire hope. Francine deals with her issues about herself and her relationships but still find strength within her. Katchoo, on the other hand, is haunted by her difficult past but she battles it head-on.

They are ordinary women with extraordinary will to live their lives — something that needs to be emulated by everyone.

The following is a video in which Terry Moore talks and answers questions about Strangers in Paradise. Here he talks about the inspirations behind the story and the story development among others.